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Wellbeing - Get well and stay well

Some of my clients initially come along to see me about a specific problem they have but after several sessions the benefit of treatment becomes apparent as their body starts to restore its natural balance. Not only does their main complaint improve but they will start to feel better in themselves, feeling more relaxed and calm. As treatment continues the relaxed calm feeling lasts for longer, initially it may last several days, progressing to last several weeks at a time. It is at this point, that even though they may feel much better, they will regularly return for top-up treatments to keep them feeling healthy and well

acupuncture for wellbeing

Stay feeling well

Chinese medicine theory believes that when the energy systems of your body are in balance you will feel well and more energised. Your sleep will be better and you won’t be troubled with minor health issues and complaints that go on to develop into bigger issues. There is also the concept that maintaining good ‘defensive‘ energy levels make your body less susceptible to coughs and colds that may be circulating amongst your family and friends.

Regular top-up treatments every 4 to 6 weeks are recommended to keep your body in balance. Sometimes more frequent treatment is needed at the more challenging times of year, such as hay fever season or autumn and winter when all the winter bugs circulating, to ensure you keep your defensive energy working well. 

Acupuncture for well being FAQ's

Acupuncture is about regulating the flow of ‘Qi’ in the body so you feel relaxed and energised. Regulating the flow of ‘Qi’ not only helps your sense of wellbeing but it can alleviate all sorts of other health related symptoms at the same time.

Clients will often come along for a ‘top-up’ treatment to help them to stay well, usually attending every 6 or 8 weeks. Regular acupuncture sessions will help to keep your body in balance, alleviating any mild symptoms before they start to develop and cause problems.

You sound a perfect candidate for acupuncture! Many people find it deeply relaxing and de-stressing. They will sleep better and have more energy and feel better able to cope with stressful times. 

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