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Can you feel the season starting to change?

It may still be winter but there is definitely a change in the air. As the days get slightly longer, the skies get slightly brighter, we are reminded that spring will soon be on its way. There is still a bit more winter to go, and snow is never far away, but things are definitely starting to move.

This is described this as ‘the rising of the Qi’ in Chinese medicine. ‘Qi’ is the life force or ‘energy’ that circulates around our bodies, it keeps us energised and our organs and bodily systems working well. Our physical bodily systems and our mental and emotional state.

The ‘Qi energy rests over winter, in Spring it starts to get more active and moves around the body. You can feel this as your thoughts and actions turn outwards in the coming year. You will have more energy, feel more positive and start planning tasks and projects for the coming months ahead. At this time you may become more aware of your aches and pains as you get more active and come out of your hibernation.

Bulbs are pushing upwards and outwards to greet the coming spring, and we are no different, rousing from the quieter winter months. Buds are forming on the trees and the birds are getting more active, so we can see it happening all around us.

If you need a little help to get your ‘qi’ circulating to face the year ahead, you can always contact me.

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