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What a grotty spring! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has often looked out of the window at the grey clouds scurrying by, the torrential rain ( hail ) and the trees bending under the strain of the prevailing wind.

But there has been a change!

The last week there have been days when the sun has actually been out! I’ve been able to dry my washing and the central heating has at long last stopped trying to come on in the mornings! Oh, and there is one other thing, cough, tickly throat and running eyes!

Last year was a bad one for me; stinging eyes whenever I went out, coughing fits and a dull continual headache. It was all a bit miserable and took a while for the penny to drop that I actually had hay fever!

Hayfever? But I’m nearly the wrong side of 50! I’ve never had problems before and I’ve been a keen gardener all my life..so how can this happen?. Well, unfortunately, it did.

Since I’m an acupuncturist, it uniquely gave me a chance to try out a hayfever treatment on myself using acupuncture.

Ok, there is definitely a certain skill needed to needle acupuncture points with ‘ the wrong hand’ and I had to use a reduced number of points as I couldn’t reach some of them lol!

I can tell you categorically that it worked for me! fantastic!

Now if I ever feel that horrible dry itchy throat thing try and start up again, I just reach for my needles.

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