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My phone line is becoming digital! We all have to move with the times and technology waits for no man, so as a somewhat creaky technophobe I’m embracing the change.

In the UK our phone lines will be changing from old ‘copper lines’ to a new internet-based phone system. The switch-off for most people’s old phone lines is predicted to be by the end of 2023. That coupled with the general credit squeeze and the fact that I hate paying those line rental fees, means I’m switching my main clinic phone number across to digital very soon.

My switchover date is 16th Nov 2022. What that means is that my phone line might be a bit….. a bit…. unpredictable on that day as I get it all set up. After it’s working, hopefully, would even notice a difference.

So don’t worry! you can still contact me to arrange acupuncture treatment and there are lots of options to contact me, remember you can even book online! Contact

My clinic phone number will still be 01793 827507
My email will still be hazel@acuhome.co.uk

I’d like to add this change comes with lots of features such as new answerphone message systems, options to divert calls to my mobile, and screen spam calls.

Fingers crossed it’s a smooth switchover.

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