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Do you have a spring in your step?

Have you kept step with spring both physically and mentally? Spring is generally considered to cover the time of year between mid march and mid-June. The weather is still doing its erratic thing, but nature around us has started to wake up and get going. I’m in Wiltshire, so as the season goes we are […]

The year is starting to get going

Can you feel the season starting to change? It may still be winter but there is definitely a change in the air. As the days get slightly longer, the skies get slightly brighter, we are reminded that spring will soon be on its way. There is still a bit more winter to go, and snow […]

Have a happy holiday!

We all need a holiday! so what can be better than a mid-winter Christmas break when we wrap up warm, meet family or just enjoy some cosy time at home? I will definitely be eating too much, probably drinking a little too much, and definitely chilling out while doing as little as possible. However you […]

It’s time to cut back and detox

We’ve made it through Christmas! That’s certainly the cheer ringing out through our house on New Year’s Eve. Christmas seems to have become a time of excess over recent years, or maybe I’ve just become older and grumpier with time. Now all the mince pies and sausage rolls have gone I just can’t wait for […]