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Hayfever is wreaking havoc this year!

acupuncture for hay fever

I was surprised to see Great Western Hospital on the news Their urgent care and emergency department had become overwhelmed with individuals experiencing respiratory issues. This year, the hot and humid weather seems to have exacerbated people’s hay fever symptoms, leading to concerning symptoms such as shortness of breath in addition to the usual hay […]

Do you have a spring in your step?

Have you kept step with spring both physically and mentally? Spring is generally considered to cover the time of year between mid march and mid-June. The weather is still doing its erratic thing, but nature around us has started to wake up and get going. I’m in Wiltshire, so as the season goes we are […]

How big are acupuncture needles?

If I had been paid a pound for every time I’ve been asked that question……. well you know the rest! Strangely enough, this is what most people are curious about and it’s a question that I find quite difficult to answer. The key is being able to provide an example of an item that you […]