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South Marston’s unending roadworks

Are you worried about getting to your appointment on time, through Swindon’s unending roadworks?

Don’t, as there is an easy way you can check the latest traffic and even get directions as you drive here.

I’m sure you have all heard of Google maps? Did you know it has a ‘layer’ that you can turn on or off to show a live update of travel and traffic jams?

It’s simple to use. First, open up google maps on your phone / iPad or PC, then in the top right of the map there will be a symbol that means ‘layers’. Click on this. ( On a pc its in the bottom left corner ), you then get the option to turn on ‘traffic’ and hay-prest-to it will show the current traffic situation.

The added benefit is that if you have opened google maps on your phone…. you can then press ‘directions’ and it behaves as a sat nave… How neat is that?

So don’t worry about navigating Swindon’s many road closures… just book in to see me.

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