Stopping Smoking

Finding it hard to set a date to stop smoking?

Setting a date and making a commitment to stop smoking can often be the hardest part. The structured approach of acupuncture is widely known for helping people to stop smoking by reducing the craving and help you feel more relaxed.

If you smoke 20 a day…… stopping smoking will pay for the cost of a weekly acupuncture treatment!

I use a three sage approach to the acupuncture treatment I offer.

First stage to quit smoking:

‘ A phone call ‘

This is where you will be asked set a date to stop smoking. You will be encouraged to keep a diary, listing when and where you have each cigarette. Cutting down your caffeine and alcohol intake before treatment starts can also be helpful.

Second stage to ending your nicotine addiction:

‘ 2 treatments a week, for 2 weeks’

Your first acupuncture appointment will be on the day you stop smoking. A full health history will be taken along with details about your smoking habits. Ear acupuncture points are used to reduce the cravings associated with nicotine withdrawal and to help you relax. Small magnets will be fixed to acupuncture points on your ear that can be pressed by you to reduce any cravings you get before your next appointment.

Third stage to becoming a non-smoker:

‘ 1 treatment a week’

By now you will have passed through the nicotine withdrawal phase and the acupuncture will help you feel more calm and relaxed. Treatment sessions will be focused on the triggers identified in your smoking diary (feeling tired, feeling stressed etc), reducing their effect so you don’t get tempted to restart. This treatment phase lasts three to four weeks.

Congratulations! Now you are a non smoker, and have been for at least 5 weeks!

The acupuncture will be helping you to feel calmer, more relaxed, sleep better and have better energy levels. For this reason you may decide to continue with regular top-up acupuncture sessions every four or six weeks.

quiting smoking


Stop smoking FAQ’s

Why two treatments a week?

The first two weeks are the most challenging. Having two treatments a week makes the effect much stronger, helping you stay on track. You then will have an appointment once a week for the next 3 or 4 sessions.

Will it stop the craving?

In your acupuncture session you will be shown which acupuncture to press in-between treatments to reduce your cravings. This acupuncture technique is invaluable to help reduce the everyday triggers for smoking..

Can I use nicotine patches?

A nicotine withdrawal phase only lasts two weeks and acupuncture will help you through this time without having to use a nicotine replacement therapy. Some people find it helpful to use a dummy cigarette through this initial phase.


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