Jade Roller Facial

Jade roller facial massage and anti-ageing treatment

This treatment was loved by the Chinese emperors to keep their skin looking youthful and young. Even today a Jade roller is seen as an essential beauty tool for the image-conscious Chinese woman!

This specialist facial massage includes the use of acupressure points to stimulate the flow of ‘Qi’ in the face to invigorate the skin, gua sha facial massage to stimulate collagen production in the areas showing signs of ageing , followed by cool Jade rollers to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

This facial is  rooted in the ancient tradition of Chinese facial massage, used to keep the skin supple, youthful and wrinkle free. Modern day professional serums, lotions and face masks are included  to improve the quality of your skin.

This is undoubtedly my most popular cosmetic treatment as not only does it address the issues of lines wrinkles in skin tone but it is also a beautifully relaxing treatment to have.

My clients just love it!

Jade facial masage


Jade roller FAQ’s

What is Chinese facial massage?

This is a combination of acupressure and massage techniques used to simulate the meridians of the face. Movements are used to tone the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Why use jade rollers?

There are used as part of the Chinese facial massage and work specifically on the lines and wrinkles in the skins surface. They are lovely and cool on the face and have a toning and tightening effect.

How big are the rollers?

Two sizes of rollers are used; the largest is about 4cm long and is used on the cheeks and forehead areas. The small rollers are 2cm wide, ideal for working on crow’s feet around the eyes!


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