Intense Moisture Facial

A fantastic facial to lavish attention on your skin

This is an introduction to anti ageing facials. It’s includes the use of specialist serums and techniques developed to help your restore your skin and get the very best from your complexion.
This full facial treatment starts with a cleanse and tone before full skin analysis is carried out to determine the correct serums and lotion to used to give the most benefit to your skin. Extra hydration can be given to dry skin, exfoliation techniques used on flaky or skin tightening lotions and massage techniques used on skin that is losing its tone .
The Eve Taylor professional range of products is used. These products are aromatherapy-based so not only do they make your skin look fabulous they smell wonderful as well. The range includes serums, specialist face oils and facemasks so the very best treatment can be lavished on your skin. Hydrating and plumping the skin will mean the appearance of lines and wrinkles can be reduced. Exfoliating the skin will allow moisturisers to penetrate the surface skin layers keeping the skin moist and subtle.
This is a perfect facial to intensely treat areas of concern that may not be addressed by your home skin care regime.
It is also a fantastic way to fit in a bit of vitally important ‘me’ time!

luxuary facial

Intense facial FAQ’s

I don’t know my skin type

Part of your treatment includes a skin analysis where I can advise on your skin type and let you know the best way to care for it. All the products used will be aimed at bringing out the best in your skin.

Will it make my skin oily?

No. This facial is adapted to your skin type. If your skin is naturally oily, products will be used to reduce the oil production and decongest the skin.

What salon products are used?

In this facial and the jade roller facial, specialist masks and serums are used from the Eve Taylor Professional range.


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