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Writing about back pain is not my favoured sport!

back back treatment
the condition I see most of in the acupuncture clinic

It’s that time of year again when I’m trying to think up a few good marketing ideas, not for the tinsel season that is shortly to descend upon us you understand, but for the coming year. (Yes it really does take me that long to come up with some sentences for an advertising flyer.)

To get into the right mindset I have to ask myself what prospective clients want to know about acupuncture? Have they heard of it? What do they know about the conditions it can treat? All basic simple questions, but I’m not finding them as easy to answer as you might think.

I could so easily write paragraphs about Chinese medicine’s understanding of balance in the body, and how the incorrect flow of qi or poor quality qi can cause patterns of disharmony (otherwise known as health problems) in the body.

I could dig out case histories of past patients who had found acupuncture helped their tennis elbow, back pain, sleep patterns, stress levels, digestive problems, IVF treatment or low energy levels, as that might be of interest to some people.
I could talk about the balance of fluids and the stagnation of blood in the body.

While they are all fantastic Chinese concepts that I deal with every day in my practice, they don’t mean that much to the general public.

I have to remember to keep it direct, relevant and informative, which is still a tough challenge for a self-confessed non-writer like me. Let’s just hope I can come up with something better than
“Get your back fixed here”?

2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I am really struggling with back pain, throughout the years I have had physios & chiropractors but the pain keeps returning.

    Will it really cure the pain?

    I also have a few other issues that your page has mentioned, a bad ankle and hayfever will the treatment fix all?

  2. I can only speak in general terms as back pain can arise from a variety of reasons.

    The view in Chinese medicine is that the pain is caused by an obstruction to the smooth flow of Qi through the body and the acupuncture meridians in that area.

    There is a second concept in acupuncture that the pain reoccurs as there is an underlying deficiency / excess in the body that allows this condition to keep reoccurring.

    So a further aim of acupuncture would be to correct this and reduce the tendency for this condition to reoccur.

    Every body is an individual and will respond differently to acupuncture. Some people have jobs / lifestyles that mean they use their backs a lot and will always have the potential to get issues.

    It’s worth calling an acupuncturist in your area and I’m sure they would be happy to talk through your particular case.

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