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Fertility problems? Then now is a great time to start acupuncture.

Getting pregnant isn’t always as simple as you think. So if you have been trying for several months and are having trouble conceiving, now is a good time to start acupuncture treatment. You can start acupuncture to help with fertility even before you have started on any conventional medical treatment.

acupuncture to help pregnancy

How acupuncture for fertility can help

Helping you to establish and maintain a good menstrual cycle is the focus of your initial acupuncture sessions. In Chinese medicine, this relates to improving the flow of ‘Qi’ energy in the body and raising the body’s reproductive energy levels, so helping a pregnancy to occur naturally.

Chinese medicine believes that when the body is in balance periods should be pain-free, without any clots or flooding, and last for around five days. PMS symptoms such as breast tenderness and irritability are viewed as symptoms of imbalances that are in the body.

Sometimes this energy balance can be restored with acupuncture meaning that a pregnancy can occur without you needing to seek any medical intervention.

Acupuncture and IVF

The aim of acupuncture before and during IVF treatment is to reduce any down-regulation side effects you may be feeling from the medication and to promote the reproductive energy of your body (essential for good egg development).

In Chinese medicine theory if the Qi is flowing well in the right areas of the body at the key times in the IVF cycle, then the chances of you having a successful IVF cycle will be greatly improved. So acupuncture is used to boost the flow of Qi at specific times during your IVF protocol.

Some reproductive clinics even recommend a course of acupuncture to improve the success rates of their IVF treatment. So the sooner you can start acupuncture treatment the better.

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