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Ear seeds and ear acupuncture

Ear seeds, ear magnets and ear acupuncture are all referred to as auriculotherapy. It’s a treatment system where the whole body is treated by using the ear, rather than the body. Its a bit like reflexology.. but with the ears rather than the feet.

How ear acupuncture can help

In  a treatment  very small needles or sometimes ear ‘seeds’ are placed in your ear, with the aim of triggering specific acupuncture points. The points are chosen to help with a whole range of conditions, from back pain, to anxiety.

Ear acupuncture has existed since at least the 1600s as it was then, that French ambassadors brought the ‘secret’ of the treatment from China and used it in the French court. 
Now in modern-day acupuncture, there is both a French system and Chinese system in use.

Combined acupuncture styles

I often use a combination of acupuncture styles in treatments. That means you aren’t  just limited to acupuncture ear seeds, or ear acupuncture. Treatment can be combined with body acupuncture to get even better results! 

A simple treatment is a good treatment if performed by experienced hands.

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