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Have you kept step with spring both physically and mentally?

spring time acupuncture

Spring is generally considered to cover the time of year between mid march and mid-June. The weather is still doing its erratic thing, but nature around us has started to wake up and get going.

I’m in Wiltshire, so as the season goes we are behind some parts of the country and ahead of others. The spring bulbs have all flowered, shoots of plants are starting to appear in the garden and the leaves and blossom are opening out on the trees, in parks, gardens and country lanes.

The season in Chinese medicine is all about the wood element. It’s a time of year when we think about growing, reaching forward and looking to the year ahead, coming out of our wintertime of reflection.

We should start to feel more energetic, want to be about and about and maybe get back into our favourite pastimes and hobbies.

There is a downside to this time of year as all hayfever sufferers will now, so this is the time to start booking in for your acupuncture treatment – before the symptoms take hold. I have to start treating myself on a regular basis to get ahead before the symptoms strike me and I start coughing and spluttering! Then I will only need top-up treatments throughout the year.

So if your internal mood hasn’t made the shift from winter to spring or you are feeling lethargic and unmotivated, then come for an acupuncture treatment to get your energy levels boosted and to put a spring in your step.

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