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Hayfever is wreaking havoc this year!

acupuncture for hay fever

I was surprised to see Great Western Hospital on the news Their urgent care and emergency department had become overwhelmed with individuals experiencing respiratory issues. This year, the hot and humid weather seems to have exacerbated people’s hay fever symptoms, leading to concerning symptoms such as shortness of breath in addition to the usual hay […]

Have a happy holiday!

We all need a holiday! so what can be better than a mid-winter Christmas break when we wrap up warm, meet family or just enjoy some cosy time at home? I will definitely be eating too much, probably drinking a little too much, and definitely chilling out while doing as little as possible. However you […]

The big phone switchover is happening!

old phone

My phone line is becoming digital! We all have to move with the times and technology waits for no man, so as a somewhat creaky technophobe I’m embracing the change. In the UK our phone lines will be changing from old ‘copper lines’ to a new internet-based phone system. The switch-off for most people’s old […]

My lovely new website!

Time moves on so quickly! especially in the world of technology. It seems like only yesterday that I last rebuilt my website, but things soon start to show their age and not work quite how they were intended to. so welcome to my lovely new website!!! I think it works? there will be some tweaks […]

Acupuncture in a post COVID era

Why acupuncture is so important in the new work-life balance of the 2020s. Let’s not forget acupuncture has always been important for fixing all sorts of health-related conditions and the way we work now is very different. For many of us, face to face meetings or a five day week in an office has become […]

Struggling with Swindon traffic?

Traffic! Are you worried about getting to your appointment on time, through Swindon’s unending roadworks? Don’t, as there is an easy way you can check the latest traffic and even get directions as you drive here. I’m sure you have all heard of Google maps? Did you know it has a ‘layer’ that you can […]

So what is the ‘new normal’ in acupuncture treatment?

Back at the beginning of 2020 who would have a believed that COVID, social distancing and wearing facemasks would become the norm by autumn. By now, we are all used to standing in queues, sanitising hands and I even comment on TV programs that were filmed pre COVID where no social distancing is in place. […]

Snowy South Marston

Monday will officially be a snow day for me. Swindon had a right old dump of snow on Thursday night and even though most of the main roads are back to normal, I appreciate the many small roads or estate roads are starting to resemble ice rinks! If you have an appointment with me Monday […]

South Marston road closures

NEW DATES FOR ROAD CLOSURE IN SOUTH MARSTON: HIGHWORTH ROAD Work has already started on the Highworth Road in South Marston village but it will now be closed to traffic from Tues 3rd April to Wed 16th May to allow the installation of a power cable. This is a continuation of the work that has […]