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All things acupuncture related

I’ve tried to collect together all sorts of interesting snippets that will help you on your journey to better health.

My lovely new website!

Time moves on so quickly! especially in the world of technology. It seems like only yesterday that I last rebuilt my website,

Why acupuncture is so important in the new work-life balance of the 2020s. Let’s not forget acupuncture has always been important for

Struggling with Swindon traffic?

Traffic! Are you worried about getting to your appointment on time, through Swindon’s unending roadworks? Don’t, as there is an easy way

Back at the beginning of 2020 who would have a believed that COVID, social distancing and wearing facemasks would become the norm

If you want to stay healthy and well – think of yourself as a soft boiled egg. The hard shell can be

We’ve made it through Christmas! That’s certainly the cheer ringing out through our house on New Year’s Eve. Christmas seems to have