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Feel better with acupuncture

Are you are experiencing niggling health problems that leave you feeling drained and unable to function at your best? Do poor sleep patterns and low energy levels mean that you are just ‘getting by’ rather than having the energy to enjoy life?

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Why choose acupuncture?

Sick of regular treatments going nowhere? Feeling off and not yourself? That’s where acupuncture steps in! It’s not just about fixing your main issues – it’s about getting you back in balance, boosting your energy, and kicking stress to the curb. Ready for a chill, holistic vibe? Acupuncture’s got your back

The origins of acupuncture

Originating in ancient China, acupuncture has been a primary treatment for numerous health issues for thousands of years. Today, it is seamlessly incorporated into China’s hospitals, working alongside conventional medicine to address a wide range of health conditions.

Chinese medicine has a very different way of looking at health, disease and illness. The idea is that a person’s body should be in balance, with ‘Qi’ or ‘energy’ of good quality flowing smoothly around the body. If this is the case then that person will have good health and good energy levels. Should the flow of Qi in the body become disrupted or out of balance, then illness or disease will start to occur.

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What is a Chinese medicine diagnosis?

In your first treatment, I’ll carry out an initial diagnosis within a Chinese medicine framework. I’ll ask you a lot of questions about your health and use a system of pulse and tongue diagnosis. This helps me to choose the best treatment plan and decide on the right acupuncture points to use for you.

The aim of acupuncture is to regulate Qi and bring the body back into balance. The idea is that the body can then start to heal itself and good health will be restored.

The emphasis in treatment is to restore balance. So acupuncture can treat your original complaint and also help you feel better generally.
It is a treatment that is suitable to use alongside many conventional medical treatments.

An imbalance in 'Qi'

An imbalance in the body and poor quality qi can lead from mild symptoms such as irritability and low energy levels to more serious health-related conditions.

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