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Why acupuncture is so important in the new work-life balance of the 2020s.

Let’s not forget acupuncture has always been important for fixing all sorts of health-related conditions and the way we work now is very different. For many of us, face to face meetings or a five day week in an office has become a thing of the past. If you have health concerns, getting a face to face consultation with your GP can be almost impossible with surgeries opting for phone consultations instead. These changes to the way we work and live have made regular sessions with your acupuncturist even more important.

Acupuncture always needs to be carried out face to face, I don’t think issuing instructions over a video call will ever work! We may have to wear masks depending on the guidelines in place at the time, but the good thing is you will be talking to me in person!

We talk about your symptoms, you can point to areas that hurt and I can see how joints move or if they look swollen you are not left trying to describe your symptoms over the phone. Acupuncture is always a hands-on treatment and will be staying that way.

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