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Questions about acupuncture

People usually have a whole host of questions, even if they have had acupuncture in the past. I’ve listed some of the common questions I get asked with answers that you may find helpful.

How many acupuncture appointments will I need?
Everyone is different but usually appointments start on a weekly basis then become less frequent as your symptoms improve. Patients will often report a good response within 4 or 5 treatments.

Does acupuncture hurt?
People are often surprised that acupuncture is relatively painless and describe the whole experience as quite relaxing and enjoyable. Initial nerves are always to be expected as it is a new experience, but then people quickly relax I wonder what they were worried about.

Are there any side effects?
Sometimes people can feel tired or a little bit achy, especially after their first acupuncture treatment. These effects will quickly wear off and usually don’t last longer than 12 to 24 hours. This seems to be more common on the first treatment rather than subsequent treatments.

How many needles do you use in each treatment?
That really depends on the condition being treated. Sometimes as few as two or three needles are used but for other conditions several more may be required. It is important to remember that treatment is tailored specifically to suit you, so if you are nervous or anxious only a few points will be used.

How big are the needles?
This is a hard question to answer is they are very fine and probably a lot smaller than you imagine. They are smaller than injection needles and very fine sewing needles as they are made from very thin stainless steel wire. They are so fine that it takes quite a bit of skill to get them through the tough skin surface without a needle bending.

Do I need to tell my doctor?
You don’t need a referral from your GP in order to start treatment. If you are having acupuncture for a condition that you already seeing your GP for, out of courtesy you should let them know that your next scheduled appointment.

If you are not sure if acupuncture is right for you…just call and ask!


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