Fertility and IVF

Are you having fertility problems? Then it’s a good time to start acupuncture.

People are often surprised that getting pregnant isn’t always as simple as they thought. So if you have been trying for several months and are having trouble conceiving, now is a good time to start acupuncture treatment. Fertility Acupuncture can start even before any conventional medical treatment is embarked upon.

How acupuncture for fertility can help.
Initial treatments are aimed at establishing and maintaining a good menstrual cycle. In Chinese medicine this relates to improving the flow of ‘Qi’ energy in the body and raising the body’s reproductive energy levels helping a pregnancy to occur naturally.
Chinese medicine believes that when the body is in balance periods should be pain free, without any clots or flooding, and last for around five days. (PMT symptoms such as breast tenderness and irritability are viewed as a symptom of imbalances that are in the body).
Sometimes acupuncture to restore this energy balance is enough to result in a pregnancy occurring with out medical intervention being needed.

Acupuncture and IVF

Acupuncture before and during IVF treatment is aimed at reducing any down-regulation side effects and to promote the reproductive energy of the body (essential for good egg development), In Chinese medicine if the Qi is flowing well in the right areas of the body at the key times in the IVF cycle, it will improve chances of a successful IVF cycle.

Some reproductive clinics even recommend a course of acupuncture to improve the success rates of their IVF treatment and the sooner you start acupuncture treatment the better.

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helping IVF with acupuncture


IVF and fertility FAQ’s

I’m not starting IVF yet

Great, the sooner you start acupuncture the better. Many people happily find they become pregnant using acupuncture alone and don’t need to go on to have IVF treatment.

Where are the acupuncture points?

People worry about this but don’t panic, the most commonly used points are in the lower arms and lower legs – even when treating male fertility problems!

Is there evidence it helps?

Yes. Much research has been carried out in Germany into the effectiveness and best timing to use to ensure a successful IVF treatment.


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