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Acupuncture is part of worldwide research

Acupuncture has been evolving and developing since the days of antiquity. Early discoveries relating to treatment were based on anecdotal evidence where people documented their findings helping the profession to progress. Information would be shared between acupuncturists and teaching adapted as new theories came into existence.

In today’s modern world a scientific approach is taken to research and clinical trials, producing a much more evidence-based way of determining the best style and type of treatment to use. Research is often carried out into the effectiveness of various protocols for treating different conditions.

Today research is undertaken by many different international organisations, hospitals and universities. These regularly conduct clinical trials in order to understand both the mechanism by which acupuncture works and how effective it is.

The World Health Organisation has reviewed much of the available research data and produced a list of conditions which respond well to acupuncture. The British Acupuncture Council also keeps a summary of recent research that has been carried out on its online data base.

To visit the BAcC site and see the reseach data

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Acupuncture FAQ’s

Why is research important?

Even though acupuncture has worked for thousands of years research is important to demonstrate that it really does work. Research is helping to establish acupunctures reputation as an effective treatment for many health related conditions

Who does the research?

Many universities, hospitals and acupuncturists take part in research trials. They are also involved in collating important evidence about its efficacy which improves the treatment knowledge base.

Where is the latest research info?

Research is regularly published in various health and scientific journals. The British acupuncture council has an online database containing fact sheets on different conditions that respond to acupuncture treatment.


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